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Are You Ready To Become A PMU Artist | E-book

Are You Ready To Become A PMU Artist | E-book

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Do you have or know what it takes to become a PMU Artist? Do you feel scared that it may not be for you but want to know what to expect and what questions to ask? This is the ULTIMATE checklist & guide to prepping you to become a PMU artist. 


Since 2017 State or American Industry study found PMU/Microblading to be the FASTEST growing non invasive procedures, with revenue increasing approx 40% each year!

Of course that means this “TREND” isn’t dying down anytime soon, and with that comes an influx of interest of people wanting to cut into a piece of that BROW MONEY PIE. 

With social media easily available to anyone, and pics of brows dominating the threads, many people think they can just take a training and start making $500 in 2 hours.

Ummmm duhhhh, who would be dumb enough to not want to jump into this. But hold up hold up!

It may seem easy to jump in, but from experience it isn’t, and NEVER WILL BE! and although the BROW BIZ life can APPEAR lavish, flexible, exciting, and more simple...... hint; it only gets harder. 

So what do you need to be prior to taking a training?? How much money do you need to start off with to get into the industry? How much practice do you need daily? What mindset do you need to check yourself OUT of and into?

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