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Microshading Training – Semi Permanent Makeup 3-Day Course, 18 Hours


  • Course Description: This 3 day Microshading Training is given by Owner & Trainer Vanessa Gomez, who has been offering permanent makeup services since 2017. She is known for having worked in both Chicago and Miami, and has opened up store locations in both cities. She has trained with world renowned artist and companies such as Everlasting Brows and Brows by Linnie. In this 3 day workshop she will share how to become a successful artist as well as entrepreneur.

Prerequisite Courses & Other Requirements for Admission to Program: 


Prior to the commencement of the workshop, all students must hold a Bloodborne Pathogens and Infection Control certification and must provide staff with a copy of the certificate of completion. This certification can be completed online for a small fee of approximately $25. Students who do not have a Bloodborne Pathogens certificate will not work on live models during training and will not receive a certificate of completion. Additionally, all students must be at least 18 years of age and have a high school Diploma or GED.


  • Program Objectives: This course was designed to teach eyebrow artists the fundamentals of Machine Shading techniques. No matter if you are an advanced permanent makeup artist or beginner, this shading technique is taught at a beginner level. The first day of the training covers Permanent Makeup fundamentals along with lectures about business ethics, client relations, hygiene standards, and eyebrow symmetry and shape. On the second day of the course, students will practice different techniques on latex. On day three, students will end the course with practice on live models. Upon certification at the completion of this course, students will be proficient in Brow Mapping, 3 Microshading Techniques and Business Guidance.
  • Grading: Vangobeautybar has only two grades: pass and fail. Students will be assessed on their techniques, and those that pass will receive a certificate of completion. Student acknowledges that success is dependent on his/her application of practices learned in each course. The student additionally understands that minimum standards must be met to receive a certificate of completion. The school is in no way required to issue a certificate of completion unless the student performs satisfactorily in all aspects of the course(s). The instructor will make every effort to work diligently with each student to ensure successful completion of each course. Each student must continue to send their work on latex skin after the course and complete work on 1 live model to certify.
  • Course Calendar/Frequency: This three-day workshop is offered throughout the calendar year. The dates are listed below for the 2020 program:

February 3-5

March 31-April 2

May 19-21

June 23-25

August 25-27
October 20-22



    The tuition cost for the three-day workshop is $3,500, which includes all equipment and instructional materials. A non-refundable $500 deposit is required to reserve a seat in the class. The course tuition is due in full TWO weeks prior to the commencement of the training. 


    Pursuant to IBHE Adopted Rules for Private Business and Vocational Schools, Section 1095.240 VanGo Beauty Bar shall disclose the following statements for the most recent 12-month reporting period:

    July 1, 2023 to June 30, 2024 Consumer/ Institutional Disclosure Information 


    • [4] The number of students who were admitted in the program as of July 1 of that reporting period
    • [3] The number of additional students who were admitted in the program during the next 12 months and classified in one of the following categories: new starts, re-enrollments, and transfers into the program from other programs at the school.
    • [3] The total number of students admitted in the program during the 12-month reporting period.
    • [0]The number of students enrolled in the program during the 12-month reporting period who: transferred out of the program and into another program at the school, completed or graduated from a program, withdrew from the school, and are still enrolled.
    • [4] The number of students enrolled in the program who were: placed in their field of study, placed in a related field, placed out of the field, not available for placement due to personal reasons, and not employed.
    • [0] The number of students who took a State licensing exam or professional certification exam, if any, during the reporting period, as well as the number who passed.
    • [0] The number of graduates who obtained employment in the field who did not use the school’s placement assistance during the reporting period (pending reasonable efforts to obtain this information from graduates).
    • [0] The average starting salary for all school graduates employed during the reporting period (pending reasonable efforts to obtain this information from graduates).



    An applicant denied admission by the school is entitled to a refund of all monies paid.

    48 HOUR Cancellation: An applicant who provides written notice of cancellation within 48 HOURS of signing an enrollment agreement is entitled to a refund of all monies paid. No later than 30 days of receiving the notice of cancellation, the school shall provide 100% of the refund.

    Other Cancellations: An applicant requesting cancellation more than three days after signing an enrollment agreement and making an initial payment, but prior to entering the school, shall not receive a refund, but may apply the tuition paid to a different course session at a later date.

    Refund after the commencement of classes: An applicant who has begun taking classes but is unable to finish the classes shall not receive a refund. At the institution’s sole discretion, the individual may be allowed to complete the course at a later date.

    Cancellation by VanGo Beauty Bar: VanGo Beauty Bar reserves the right to cancel or reschedule classes due to low enrollment at any time. In circumstances in which VanGo Beauty Bar cancels a program or course for any reason, or a student is denied admission before enrollment, students shall have all tuition and fees refunded and the opportunity to enroll in a class offered at a later date.


    VanGo Beauty Bar is not currently accredited by any recognized accrediting body of the U.S Department of Education. VanGo Beauty Bar adheres to the governing licensing regulations and standards of the State of Illinois in which it holds classes.

    VanGo Beauty Bar is approved to operate by the Private Business and Vocational Schools Division of the Illinois Board of Higher Education.

    VanGo Beauty Bar is not accredited by a US Department of Education recognized accrediting body.


    Credits from another institution will not be accepted toward a Certificate of Completion. VanGo Beauty Bar does not award credits for the coursework completed. If a student seeks to transfer the certificate of completion to another institution the student must consult with the institution to which the student seeks to transfer if such transfer will be awarded.


    VanGo Beauty Bar will retain the records under lock and key in a secure file box and create digital copies if there is a need for electronic transfer. VanGo Beauty Bar will evaluate students via email where emails are filed accordingly and retain transcripts of conversations discussing student work. The school will keep student transcripts on file and provide students with certificates of attendance and completion at the end of the session. The registrar of the school will manage all student records.


    While our goal is to make our students feel confident to start their career as Permanent Makeup Artists after they complete their course, we understand that there is a possibility that disputes may arise. Should this happen, please contact us by emailing within 30 days of the completion of the course and we will do our best to resolve the situation.

    COMPLAINTS AGAINST THIS SCHOOL MAY BE REGISTERED WITH THE BOARD OF HIGHER EDUCATION: If the complaint cannot be resolved after exhausting the institution’s grievance procedure, complaints against the school may be registered with the Board of Higher Education. Student complaints must be submitted in writing to the Board. The Board will provide forms that may be used to submit a complaint. Information about the complaint may be submitted online through the IBHE website ( Signed forms should be sent to the Board at:

    Illinois Board of Higher Education

    Division of Private Business and Vocational Schools

    1 N. Old State Capitol Plaza Suite 333

    Springfield, Illinois 62701

    Fax Number: (217) 782-8548

    Verbal instructions on how to submit a student complaint are available by calling the Board at (217) 782-2551.